About Me

My name is Nick Herzog. I am a mobile application developer.

Here are the languages I know:
Java (Desktop & Android), Swift, SQL, PHP, jQuery, AJAX, HTML, CSS, XML, Node.JS

My Projects
Current Project

Twenty Two

What is it?

Twenty Two is a trick-taking card game based off the popular Northern European game "Cucumber.".
The object is to NOT take the last trick.
When playing cards, players must take the trick by matching or beating the lead card's value.
If a player cannot take the trick, she/he must play their lowest valued card.

How it works:

It's an Android app, coded in Java/XML. Players play vs. an AI I created the logic for myself.
The app uses SQLite local storage to save player's in-game progress, win/loss record, stats and trophy achievements.

Fantasy Formula 1

How it works:

What is it?

The goal of this project is to create a web application where users can play my version of Fantasy F1.

Doesn't Fantasy F1 Exist?

Yes, the Official F1 site offers a fantasy game, but I feel my structure is more straightforward and exciting.
Other versions of the sport focus on salary caps and complex team budgets. My version focuses on simply picking drivers. Casual fans won't feel overwhelmed while more experienced fans will be able to apply their knowledge in order to gain an edge.

How is the Game Played?

Before the start of each race, simply pick any 2 drivers. Points are awarded based on how your drivers perform that race. You cannot pick the same driver again until you have picked every other driver once.
An F1 season consists of 21 races. The game is broken down into two, "mini seasons."
Mini-season One is races 1-10. Mini-season Two is races 11-20.
The player who scores the most points during each season is declared the champion of that season.
The two winners of the mini seasons square off in Race #21 to decide the Overall Season Champion.
(Note: If the same player wins both mini seasons, she/he is automatically Overall Champion)

How it Works:


A relational database does most of the work.
Website coded in PHP. Some asynchronous calls made to update pages on the fly.

Projects in Production

Cash Register for Bridge Restaurant

How it works:

Front End:


A Point-of-sale style cash register Windows application. Coded in C# and implemented using a 2 in 1 touch screen laptop & Epson thermal printer.
This application offers a very user-friendly GUI interface with an emphasis on speed of use-- a very coveted feature in the food service industry.

Back End:


The combination of C# forms and a SQL database for data storage make this a very powerful cash register.
Menu, transactions, employees, etc are all saved in a relational database.
No restrictions of "freeing up keys" or limitations on reports like traditional cash registers.
By saving all data in SQL, it is very easy to migrate this app to different platforms in the future.

Team Troll

How it works:

Front End:

Android (Java/XML)

Users select what teams they want to receive notifications about.
Upon adding a team in the app, the user is subscribed to that team's Firebase Topic

Back End:

Google Firebase Cloud Messaging, SQL, PHP, Node.JS

Sports scores are read from an API by a PHP score checking file.
The score checking file determines if a team is losing.
If there is a losing team, the score checking file sends off the score data to Firebase to push the notifications to all users who are subscribed.
The current game info is saved into a SQL Table.
Before the score checking file communicates with Firebase it checks the current game info with the SQL table to determine if the game data is new.
Finally, a Node.JS file loads the score checking file once every minute to initiate the whole score checking process.

My Beer Fridge

How it works:

Front End:

Android (Java/XML)

Users search for & select beers to add to their My Fridge.
Users may also search for Friends to add. Users can view their Friend's Fridge, like & comment on their Friend's Beers.

Back End:

Untappd API, Foursquare API, SQL, PHP

All beer searches are handled through Untappd.
When a user removes a beer from his/her My Fridge, a button is generated.
Clicking the button launches the Untappd app & opens it to that beer's Check-in page

All venue searches are handled through Foursquare.
Users may save what store they purchased their beer at.


At this time, our API requests to Untappd are limited, so My Beer Fridge is currently only available as closed beta testing. If you would like to become a beta tester, please e-mail me your Gmail address* & your intentions with My Beer Fridge.

*Please send me the Gmail address that you use to log into Google Play. I will add this e-mail to the beta testers list. I will reply with a link to accept becoming a beta tester & you will be able to access the My Beer Fridge Play Store page & download it.

Topply Dartboard

What is it?

Play games on your steel-tip, bristle board that were previously only available on electronic boards.
Featuring five dart games I created entirely myself.

How it works:

It's an Android app, coded in Java/XML. The app works locally, so games & logic are hardcoded into the app.
The app uses SQLite local storage to save player's info, in-game progress.

The Bridge Restaurant

Business website for The Bridge Restaurant. Built using PHP, HTML, CSS, SQL.


Email me:
Connect on LinkedIn: Nick Herzog on LinkedIn